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Ralph P. Perrino, CPA, LLC offers Business Advisory and Litigation Consulting Services, and provides client focused solutions that are developed from a collaborative service approach, diversified business experience and a guiding work philosophy of "Keep it Simple." Consider the Ralph P. Perrino, CPA, LLC advantages:


Client focused solutions assist executives improve profitability, cash flow and efficiencies, and manage risk. Solutions recognize the unique circumstances, characteristics and objectives of clients - No two businesses are the same, accordingly, no two solutions should be the same.

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Client focused solutions of Business Advisory Services


Collaborative service approach that emphasizes resource utilization and return on investment, and is based on Star Value Standards of Excellence, Leadership, Integrity, Teamwork and Experience. Collaboration promotes client participation, commitment and buy-in to the success of the project.

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Professional Services offered, collaborative Service Approach and Value Standards


Thirty years diversified business experience assisting executives of publicly traded companies and private companies of different size, industry, profitability and stage of life cycle. 

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During my thirty year professional career, I have assisted many business executives with client focused solutions to improve their businesses and manage risk. My professional experience as a partner in a "Big Four" public accounting firm, vice president of finance of a Fortune 500 company and independent consultant provides me with a unique perspective into the operations, challenges and risks of businesses and gives me the ability to develop client focused solutions to the root causes of many business issues.

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