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Service Approach

Ralph P. Perrino, CPA, LLC service approach is balanced and focused. Broad observations of the company, management, systems, process, procedures and the business or litigation matter are analyzed and investigated to identify root causes and develop client specific solutions. This approach is based on the Star Value Standards of Excellence, Leadership, Integrity, Teamwork and Experience that are implemented through knowledge, experience, creativity and vision. This unique professional service approach includes five key strategic characteristics that have been developed from thirty years of professional experience, including:

  1. Work philosophy of "Keep it simple" - A guiding philosophy for all services performed that translates into action steps and improvement plans that are practical, developed from the comments and recommendations and can be implemented and measured by managers. The implementation plans identify responsible managers, start and completion dates and expected outcomes, which enables managers to measure the affect of changes made.

  2. Collaborative client service approach - A company manager is appointed project liaison who will coordinate and facilitate data requests and analyses, change implementation, oversight and evaluate the success changes. This project liaison is a key member of the project team. This collaborative client service approach promotes participation, commitment and buy-in to the timely success of the outcome of the project by the company managers. Other consultants may use their staff to perform some of the activities of the project liaison.

  3. Client focused solution - No two businesses are the same, accordingly, no two solutions should be the same. The first step to develop client focused solutions is to understand management's specific concerns, desires, intentions, and expectations, and incorporate them into the work plan objectives, steps and measurements. The second step to develop client focused solutions is to understand the unique characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the company. These steps are the foundation for development of client focused solutions.

  4. Resource utilization - The current operating environment and level of performance are analyzed. Idle, under utilized and over utilized resources are identified and the root causes of inefficient or undesirable behavior or performance are investigated. Comments and recommendations are developed to improve resource utilization today and provide sustained utilization over time.

  5. Performance measures - Performance measures are a standard to quantitatively measure and objectively evaluate the effectiveness of the outcomes of the improvements implemented, and provide input to adjust process, systems and performance to ensure sustained and improved results. They help managers improve performance and signal red flag warnings for results and behaviors that could otherwise slow or circumvent their initiatives. Metrics and best practices establish ownership, measurement and accountability to help managers measure how well they are performing and to evaluate business and management performance.