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Litigation Consulting Services

Litigation consulting services include investigations and analyses for attorneys and/or executives to support their evaluations of known or alleged errors and irregularities. An effective system of internal control provides reasonable assurance that material errors will be detected in the normal course of business, however, dishonest employees and others are a real threat to company resources.

The nature and objectives of every litigation consulting project are unique. The investigative techniques and analyses applied are developed to address the specific known or alleged matter, recognizing the company's unique systems, processes, procedures and related internal control environment. Litigation consulting projects may include investigation and verification of the occurrence of an impropriety, tests of compliance to agreements, quantification of damages, reconstruction of damaged or destroyed accounting records, identification of the root causes of an impropriety, development of recovery plans, and/or recommendations for system, internal control and process improvements. Other supporting services that may be required in connection with litigation consulting services include budgeting, forecasting, and cash management plans.

Litigation consulting services include the following:

Typical litigation consulting clients include companies with one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Known or alleged errors or irregularities
  • Complex contracts with multiple compliance terms
  • Handling valuable and movable assets

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