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White Collar Matters

Managers have a fiduciary obligation and a corporate responsibility to take reasonable steps to prevent corporate fraud. Risk management is necessary to deter, detect and prevent fraud. The risk management plan should include a comprehensive and integrated fraud control plan that describes the company’s susceptibility to fraud risk, high and moderate risk areas and processes in the company, monitoring and oversight procedures, and investigative and recovery steps.

Monitoring the effectiveness of fraud risk is a continuous process. When an irregularity has occurred, or is alleged to have occurred, timely investigative procedures are required to confirm the existence of the irregularity, estimate the economic impact of the impropriety and develop a recovery plan.

White collar matters include one or more of the following:

  • Embezzlements, known and alleged
  • Breech of contract
  • Accounting frauds
  • Audit failures

White collar matters services provide clients, and their legal counsel, detailed analyses necessary to uncover essential facts and insights regarding known and alleged errors and improprieties, and steps to reconstruct accounting and business records that have been destroyed in the execution of the error or impropriety. These investigations are different from financial audits under generally accepted auditing standards where the objective is to obtain reasonable assurance that the financial statements as a whole are materially complete and accurate. White collar investigations focus on the exceptions, the unusual, and behavioral patterns.

White collar matters services may include one or more of the following:

  • Risk assessment and occurrence investigation
  • Compliance and monitoring
  • Fraud control plan development
  • Loss estimate
  • Process and control recovery

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