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Risk Management

Risk Management receives considerable attention from stockholders, board members, managers and interested third parties as a result of recent business failures and stricter regulations. Managers consider risk as they develop plans to allocate resources to maximize return on investment, and develop risk management programs to identify, measure, manage and continuously monitor internal and external risks. Managers have a greater ability to control internal risks, and less influence over external risks.

Risk management services provide managers with intermediate and long term solutions to identify, measure and manage risk, and balance the cost of short term compliance procedures and other costs with the costs of longer term integration into transaction processing cycles to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Risk management services include the following risks:

  • Operating risk (systems, processes, technologies and people)
  • Control risk (internal accounting controls)
  • Liquidity risk (cash flow and balances)
  • Treasury risk (interest rate and currency)
  • Credit risk (credit quality)
  • Market risk (pricing sensitivity)
  • Information risk (information maintenance and confidentiality)

Risk management services include the following:

  • Risk assessment
  • Risk management programs
  • Compliance assessments
  • Systems integration

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