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Mergers, acquisitions, sales and other transactions are common events in today's business world. Potential transactions are identified and evaluated, due diligence is performed, and integration and separation steps are developed to ensure that successful transactions will contribute to the efficient use of resources and earn a reasonable return on investment. Managers control the transaction process by obtaining and evaluating timely relevant information.

Transactions services provide long-term client focused solutions for mergers, acquisitions and sales to help decision makers make the right decisions and successfully integrate or separate operations. Understanding managers' long-term business objectives for size, location, product and service lines for growth and developing objectives are the starting point to a client specific transaction strategy.

Transactions services include the following for mergers, acquisitions and sales:

  • Financial and business modeling
  • Proposed transaction analysis
  • Due diligence
  • Integration and separation
  • Contract assistance
  • Completion assistance

Related services include the following:

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