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Business Advisory Services

Business advisory services are external, independent and objective assessments that provide decision makers with client focused solutions to improve business performance and return on investment by improving the utilization of resources.

In a typical business advisory engagement, the current state is analyzed to identify weaknesses, root causes of inefficiencies and undesirable behavior, and opportunities for improvement. Comments and recommendations to improve and sustain the use of company resources are summarized and analyzed, and become the bases to develop improvement plans that include action steps, responsible manager, relevant dates and expected outcomes. The outcomes of action steps are reviewed, evaluated and modified, where necessary, to "fine tune" the implemented changes and improve resource utilization. Best practices and metrics are developed to establish ownership, measurement and accountability of managers.

Business advisory services include the following:

Typical business advisory clients include companies with one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Planning and startup phase
  • Resizing through growth and/or downsizing
  • Performance and/or cash flow improvement driven
  • Inadequate or substandard operations or cash flow
  • Inefficient from a mismatch of management, operations and/or systems
  • Diversified and decentralized operating structure
  • Management resources, systems and processes operating at capacity
  • Changing management resources
  • Systems and processes not integrated or separated after transactions
  • Absentee ownership of private companies
  • Recovering from an impropriety, another event or condition

Health care regulatory services - The health care industry has unique regulatory requirements, including, but not limited to, contracting with service providers and referral sources, billing, collections and reporting, accordingly, health care regulatory matters are addressed as a separate business advisory service. (Likewise, Litigation consulting services are also addressed separately.)

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